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Addressing Reproductive Issues

General Information and Resources:

Specific Populations:

  • National Network of Abortion Funds: – Supports individuals seeking abortion care with financial assistance and resources.
  • Center for Reproductive Rights: – Legal advocacy organization protecting reproductive rights and access to abortion care.
  • National LGBTQ Task Force: – Advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and provides resources on LGBTQ+ reproductive health concerns.
  • National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy: – Works to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy and improve sexual health education.
  • Black Mamas Matter Alliance: – Advocates for Black maternal health and reproductive justice.

Policy and Advocacy:

Social and Economic Impacts:

  • National Partnership for Women & Families: – Research and advocacy organization on economic justice for women and families, including issues impacting reproductive health.
  • Center for American Progress – Economic Policy: – Analysis of economic policies impacting women and families, including reproductive health access and costs.
  • The Kaiser Family Foundation: – Provides data and analysis on health issues, including reproductive health and the economic impact of policies.
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information – Reproductive Health and Economics: – Provides research and resources on the economic aspects of reproductive health.
  • The Alan Guttmacher Institute – Costs of Abortion: – Data and analysis on the cost of abortion care in the United States.

Personal Stories and Perspectives:

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