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Project – The Global Academy for Community-Based Education, Inc.

The Global Academy for Community-Based Education, Inc.


Advocacy Project

Community Advocacy Project

About the Project

Our signature program, the GACBE Community Advocacy Project (CAP), helps students use academic and 21st-century skills to learn about and improve issues that impact their communities.

Students complete the project by first identifying issues that impact their communities and collecting quantitative and qualitative data on the issues. Then, students will develop, hypothesize, execute, and reflect on action plans to impact their areas of concern. Finally, students will be able to present their research and make a “call to action” to the greater community at the Annual GACBE Community Advocacy Project Expo.

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Registration for the Annual GACBE Community Advocacy Project Expo will become available in Spring 2024!

Community Advocacy Project Phases

Community Advocacy Project
Resource Center

Project Resources

Help students complete each step of the Community Advocacy Project.

Instructional Resources

Learn more about best practices that improve instruction in the classroom.

Community Issue Resources

Access information about some of the most popular community issues.


An online community for educators, students, and community partners participating in CAP.