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Addressing Immigration Issues

General Information and Resources:

Specific Populations and Issues:

Policy and Advocacy:

  • Open Society Foundations – Immigration and Migration: – Resources on global migration governance, refugee protection, and advocacy for humane policies.
  • National Immigration Forum: – Non-profit advocating for comprehensive immigration reform and promoting understanding of immigrants’ contributions, offering policy analysis and legislative updates.
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – Immigrants’ Rights: – Information on the ACLU’s advocacy efforts for immigrants’ rights in the U.S., legal resources, and news updates on relevant cases.
  • Migration Watch USA: – Organization advocating for lower levels of immigration in the U.S., offering policy analysis and research from a restrictionist perspective.
  • Center for American Progress – Immigration Policy: – Resources and analysis on immigration policy issues from a progressive perspective, advocating for fair and humane policies.

Social and Economic Impacts:

Personal Stories and Perspectives:

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