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Addressing Gun Violence

Data and Statistics:

Research and Analysis:

  • RAND Corporation: – Non-profit research organization with studies on gun policy, firearm ownership, and the effectiveness of safety measures.
  • Everytown for Gun Safety: – Research and advocacy organization focused on gun violence prevention, offering reports and data on various gun violence issues.
  • Brady United: – Non-profit organization advocating for federal gun control legislation, with research on gun violence trends and policy proposals.

Perspectives and Advocacy:

  • Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence: – Legal organization advocating for gun safety laws and regulations, providing legal analysis and resources.
  • Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: – Advocacy organization working to prevent gun violence through legislative action and community programs.
  • National Rifle Association (NRA): – Largest gun rights advocacy organization in the U.S., offering their perspective on gun safety and regulations.

Support and Resources:

  • The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: – National non-profit offering resources and support for individuals and families impacted by gun violence, including suicide.
  • The Trace: – Non-profit news organization dedicated to in-depth reporting on gun violence in the U.S., featuring stories and resources for those affected.
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence: – Provides resources and support for victims of domestic violence, including those involving firearms.
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